Li tells auditors to help curb graft

Premier Li Keqiang urged audit agencies on Thursday to play a major role in boosting clean governance and preventing financial risks.

They should enhance supervision of public funds, and officials misusing or embezzling funds must be severely punished, he said.

Li made the remarks after hearing the annual report of the National Audit Office, which held its yearly conference from Dec 24 to 25.

The premier told the agencies to keep a close eye on the construction of government buildings. He pledged in March that the government would not approve any new projects for government buildings.

Li also urged auditors to strengthen their vigilance of the financial system to prevent potential risks, as well as revitalizing capital.

His comments follow credit crunches in China’s money markets in June and December.

The money shortage last month prompted the central bank to inject liquidity into the market through short-term operations.

Beijing adopting

“It should not be interpreted as Beijing adopting a tougher stance in pushing forward territorial claims. In my opinion, it has been sensationalized by media.”

Wang Hanling, an expert on maritime law with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the new rule targets severe infringement by foreign fishing vessels.

He said the new rule was also based on China’s increasing capability to protect its maritime interests.

“It is not targeting certain countries. Due to various reasons, China has not been strict in maritime administration. Now we are making more efforts, not just in the South China Sea, but also in other directions such as the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea.”

Despite the new rule, Beijing will likely seek to avoid increasing frictions by enforcing them too zealously, City University of Hong Kong China politics expert Joseph Cheng told the AP.

China’s fisheries law allows confiscation of catches and fishing equipment as well as fines of up to 500,000 yuan ($83,000) for violators. Those who commit crimes will be investigated for criminal responsibility.

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Hainan, which administers 2 million square km of water, said the new rule is to protect local fisheries resources.

The news came into focus after foreign media highlighted it on Wednesday.

The reports described the regulation as akin to Beijing’s late November announcement of its Air Defense Identification Zone, which requires foreign planes to notify the Chinese government of flights through the zone. The area covers China’s Diaoyu Islands.

The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that Manila is checking the information.

“We are verifying the news with our embassies in Beijing and Hanoi,” said Foreign Affairs spokesman Raul Hernandez.

Peter Paul Galvez, a Philippine defense department spokesman, told Reuters that Manila was ready to enforce fishing rules in the country’s exclusive economic zone, which include regulations on the type of fish that can be caught.

Chen Qinghong, a researcher on Philippine studies with the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, said, “the regulation is just a step for Hainan to complete local fisheries regulations and standardize law enforcement”.

Fishing rules are ‘normal practice’

Foreign vessels need permission to enter Hainan waters since Jan 1

Hainan province’s demand that foreign fishing vessels entering its waters seek China’s approval is a normal practice, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, refuting reports that it reflects Beijing’s tougher stance on territorial disputes.

“The goal is to strengthen the security of fisheries resources and to reasonably utilize and exploit them,” ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a regular news conference when asked about the rules.

“It is absolutely a normal routine practice” for an ocean state, she added.

The regulation, approved by the provincial legislature of Hainan on Nov 29, took effect on Jan 1.

It requires foreign fishing boats and foreigners to seek permission from relevant departments under the State Council to fish or carry out surveys on fisheries resources within waters administered by the southernmost island province.

Judge sacked over extramarital affair

WUHAN – A senior judge in Central China’s Hubei province has been sacked over his extramarital affair, the Hubei Provincial Higher People’s Court said Friday.

Zhang Jun, head of the court’s third division of criminal cases, was stripped of his Communist Party of China (CPC) membership and removed from his official post, according to the court.
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Innovative scientific

The country needs breakthroughs in frontier science and technology as well as in strategic sectors which are vital to the national economy and people’s livelihood, he said.

The government should free innovative scientific activities from administrative intervention and “let the market speak” in terms of research orientation, resource allocation and use of funds, he urged.

It should also create an environment that promotes fair play and encourages creativity and initiative among scientists and researchers, Li said, while encouraging the young to follow the example set by outstanding scientists and contribute their wisdom to the country and the people.

Awards were also given to a number of other scientists, as well as scientific research programs, at the ceremony.

Chinese leaders Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli were also present at the event.

China sacks judge over extramarital affair

BEIJING – Two Chinese scientists, physical chemist Zhang Cunhao and nuclear weapons expert Cheng Kaijia, won China’s top science award on Friday for their outstanding contribution to scientific and technological innovation.

The pair, both academics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, were presented with certificates by Chinese President Xi Jinping at an annual ceremony held to honor distinguished scientists and research achievements.
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China tipped to win four gold medals at Sochi

China could win four gold medals at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, according to a statistical study. The work, by Infostrada Sports, predicts that Chinese athletes will win four golds, four silvers and four bronzes, and finish ninth at the medal standings, Xinhua reported. The Dutch company made similar predictions before the 2012 London.

Dalai Lama expresses concern over Tibet issue but lauds Chinese

Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, said Friday that the Tibetan community is passing through a difficult phase, but lauded the Chinese for their hardwork and economic development. The Dalai Lama was speaking after paying his tribute at the memorials of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) founder Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and its second chief M. S. Golwalkar in Nagpur, Maharashtra.

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